Dr. James O. Ogutu


Title/Qualifications: DR./PhD
Department/Unit/Section: Pathology
Contact Address: BOX 43844 – 00100, GPO Nairobi
Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Medical Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics

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Research Interests:

  • Mechanisms of pathogenesis of opportunistic infections in immunocompromised individuals.
  • Molecular multiplex diagnostic systems for detection of carbapenem resistance in Gram negative bacteria.
  • Novel multiplex molecular diagnostic systems for detection of notorious hospital pathogens
  • Molecular characterization of antibiotic resistance genes.
  • Possible involvement of sRNAs in the regulation of β-lactamase production and activity.
  • Mechanisms of drug resistance in the polymicrobe biofilms.

Research & Publications

  1. Zhao J, Chen J, Zhao M, Qiu X, Chen X, Zhang W, Sun R, Ogutu JO, Zhang F. Multilocus sequence types and virulence determinants of hypermucoviscosity-positive Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from community-acquired infection cases in Harbin, North China. Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases. Doi: 10.7883/yoken.JJID.2015.321. [Epub ahead of print].
  2. Jing Wu, Aimei Li, Yujun Li, Xiaoguang Li, Qingmeng Zhang, Wuqi Song, Yao Wang, James O. Ogutu, Jindong Wang, Jianbo Li, Renkuan Tang , Fengmin Zhang. Chlorpromazine inhibits mitochondrial apoptotic pathway via increasing expression of tissue factor. The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. 2015; 70: 82-91.
  3. James O. Ogutu, Qingmeng Zhang, Ying Huang, Huo Yan, Lijie Su, Bo Gao, Wenli Zhang, Jizi Zhao, Wenhui Cai, Wenjing Li, Hong Zhao, Yang Chen, Wuqi Song, Xiaobei Chen, Yingmei Fu, Fengmin Zhang. Development of a multiplex PCR system and its application in the detection of blaSHV, blaTEM, blaCTX-M-1, blaCTX-M-9 and blaOXA-1 group genes in clinical Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli strains. Journal of Antibiotics. 2015; 68: 725-733.
  4. Ying Huang, James O. Ogutu, Gu J, Ding F, You Yu, Zhao H, Li W, Zhang Z, Zhang W, Chen X, Fu Y, Zhang F. Comparative Analysis of Quinolone Resistance in Clinical Isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli from Chinese Children and Adults. BioMed Research International. Doi:1155/2015/168292 [Epub ahead of print].
  5. James O. Ogutu. Antimicrobial resistance in human health. Editorial. The East and Central Africa Medical Journal. 2015; 2:59.

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